Untitled photo

The joke of the post title is why I took the photo. That and the idea of complaining that something's boring in Helvetica, the beige of typography. It's not much, just an outtake from a trip to IKEA, HDR stacked from jpegs from my tiny Sony sitting on my massive tripod.

(Camera weight: three hundred grams. Tripod and head: two thousand six hundred grams.)

And speaking of aliens, I'm currently re-reading Saturn Run, written by John Sandford and Ctein. It's a book about a political catastrophe wrapped around a series of physics and engineering problems. It's no Murderbot Diaries, but it's an exceptionally smart book that's maddening in ways that I'm not sure its American authors intended. But I'm told that good science fiction is inherently political, so who knows.

Writing a blog post around an old throwaway photo is a clear sign that I haven't been doing much new. That is correct. I have used up a roll of Acros, which might have something to post, but otherwise my "lockdown" photography has been very restricted. Fortunately my Convolution project is born from these conditions, so that continues with a couple of rolls in progress – but the results take a long time to generate. 

There's also administration work going on in the background. I've registered the domain convolution.ca, which I've never done for a project before. There's also a FAQ – another first for me – but still no 'artist statement'. This is an ongoing thing, so perhaps there's won't be a concluding statement, but only summations tied to specific presentations.