Untitled photo

There are concrete blocks littering the sidewalks around the downtown entertainment and transit hubs, but there's this small gap that's protected from drivers by these posts instead. I assume these ones have been ripped out of the ground by sports revellers, not drivers, because they're not bent. But either way, the likelihood of them performing their actual job is slim.

This is another Pan F photo, taken at EI25, and developed in stock Perceptol.

I try to remember the three "d's" of pinholing: defocus, duration, and distance.

Defocus means that nothing will quite be sharp; this is tricky for me since I really like photos with text. Duration is to take advantage of the longer exposure times with things that change. And distance is critical – if there isn't something interesting within arm's reach, or less, it's going to be a boring photo. In this case the detail is sufficient, and there's a bit of a light trail from passing cars. But the camera is too far from the nearest bollard. The grate stopped me from putting the tripod closer, but there are a few other ways I could have tried to solve that problem. Maybe next time.