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This is the monument to Responsible Government, tucked off to the side of the Ontario Legislature where it doesn't get in anybody's way. 

Untitled photo

This is a stack of crowd control barriers on a police trailer, also parked off to the side of the Legislature, but much more conveniently placed since they're used more often. These are in addition to the large barricaded zone semi-permanently installed in front of the building.

The political issue of the moment is the inequitable and perilous lack of paid time off for the low-wage and predominantly racialized "essential" workers who are taking the brunt of the pandemic. And yes, a solid 'fuck you' to the current Conservative government for revoking the mighty two sick days that were already wholly inadequate back in 2019. 

But there also needs to be a solid 'fuck you too' to the previous Liberal government, who could have entrenched a higher minimum wage and sick days in law years earlier, making them much more costly for their replacements to expunge. But in typical Liberal fashion, they kept something that could improve people's lives in reserve as a gambit to try salvage a losing election – petty politics that's now killing people.

Not that it matters, relatively speaking, but these are both from the Ondu 6x12, and both are taken with the upper (rise) pinhole. (I use that one 75% of the time, give or take.) They're both on FP4, taken with a red filter, and washed in Microphen.

This camera is letting me experiment a bit with aspect ratios. The Responsible Government photo is cropped to 2:1, while the Responsible Crowd Control is using the full negative, which is closer to 2.1:1. (In 'full frame' digital terms, these negatives are about $12000 wide and $5700 tall.) I'll also crop them down to the 5:2 aspect that I like for panoramas, which suits their ultra-wide focal length, or even abbreviate them to the mile-by-kilometer ratio that I prefer to the typical 3:2 that we see so much of.

I standardized on that not-quite 3:2 ratio because it lets me print 16:10 on 19x13 sheets, which suits my digital cameras. It looks like my next printer will need to take roll paper.