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This is, conceptually at least, where I was born. The building is new, but it's the same hospital – I was standing where the old building was when I took this photo. So maybe this really is where I was born.

Not many people who are in Toronto are from Toronto. (And that's a good thing.) And I'm even more unusual in that I've never lived more than 25km from this spot. With a camera in hand I can walk that in a day quite easily. Some day I will live somewhere else – staying in the place I was put is just a characteristic quirk, not a virtue.

Also not a virtue, but a quirk: this post, together with 210423 and 240421, are the first time I've posted every single photo from a roll of film. That's only six frames, but still, it's an accomplishment.

And for what it's worth, Queen's Park – the location for those other two posts – is even closer to my house than Women's College Hospital. And I walk past both of them on my way to and from work, which is when all of these were taken.