Untitled photo

This time of year, for me, is the end of summer. June 25th to August 26th is a busy time with lots of dates of personal importance, good and bad, that keep me off balance. Part of that means that I'm too busy to do much, and another part means staying busy and distracted. 

Now that summer's over, but while the weather's still good, I'll see what I can get done.

Part of summer ending is resuming meetings for my critique group. It's online instead of prints over dinner these days, which makes it a good time to show photos that would consume a lot of ink.

I'm trying to decide on a title for this photo. It is not, needless to say, the moon rising. It's the mothballed Planetarium, where I went many times as a student for education and a few times as a young adult for the Dark Side of the Moon laser shows. Now I can walk by it whenever I want, but not go inside because it's being used for storage while it waits for the encroaching University of Toronto to envelop it. 

Aside from 'Moonrise' (or 'Moonrise over Toronto' to make the Adams reference stronger) I've considered a more literal description of the tones, along the lines of "Grey, Light, Dark" or similar. That's a bit Rothkoesque without justification, but that might not register if/when I show this at my critique group.

Evocative or descriptive; what it feels like versus what it looks like. Each has a different conversation and understanding attached to it. 

Or maybe I'll just call it "Planetarium, HP5, EI800, Microphen" and be done with it.