Untitled photo

Night photography, pinholes, long exposures – I enjoy the unpredictability of what can happen between opening and closing the shutter.

This one, from late 2020, is the only photo I have where that time includes the camera getting hit by a car.

Gently hit, and the camera shouldn't have been where it was, but still. That's sort of an accomplishment, even if it's not one to build a series around. Even though the camera, my now-sold Zero Image 2000, was completely unfazed by the experience.

The reason why I sold the ZI2K is that it takes square photos. (I knew that before I bought it, but I had forgotten what I learned from my Hasselblad, which is how much I dislike square photos.) So I decided to duplicate the photo, flip it around, and merge it back. A couple of solid thwacks on the "Make Art" button later and I have a result that I like.

This is the first image I've submitted to my critique group for its new season. I've called it "Yonge Street Boogie Woogie" in an effort to emphasize the motion and geometry… and in a blatant attempt to elevate the photo with a fine-art reference. At least it really was taken on Yonge street in downtown Toronto. This traffic island south of College was iconic; now it's a construction site.

And that's iconically Toronto itself.