Every now and then – but very rarely – when I can't sleep I'll grab a camera and go for a walk in the neighbourhood. In the rain. With Ilford Delta 3200 loaded in my little sub-frame pinhole camera.

This is Wiener's Home Hardware, BMV Books, Seeker's Books, and Common Sort. All on Bloor Street, between Spadina and Bathurst.

The local grocery store, Metro, née Dominion.

In addition to the Chroma Cube and its square 24mm negatives, I also had Delta 3200 loaded in the medium-format 6x9 RSS that has negatives that are almost 9 times larger. Even with a pinhole camera, and even at itty-bitty web jpeg sizes, that makes a massive difference.

Untitled photo

"Lens" flare from a pinhole is usually pretty wild, and with the Cube is wilder than most.

I'm still working out my thoughts on the Cube, and how it relates to my photography. But this was an interesting exercise and a useful comparison. Pinholes are hardly about image quality, but instead about image qualities – and these ones are very different, with different compromises.