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With all of the other changes in my situation, I decided that this is also a good time to embrace a film simulation with my digital cameras:

I'm now waiting at least one month before showing any new photos.

• Discernment is very necessary, and waiting reduces that pesky recency bias.

• Removing the immediacy of digital photography also means that I can use film alongside, or instead of, digital without any time penalty.

• One of my favourite things about a film camera is that I can come home from a productive, enjoyable photo-recording session and then… have lunch. Or sit and read. Hang out. Do whatever. There's no rush to download and review, because even if the roll is finished the earliest I'll see the results is tomorrow. So now I get to do that with my digital cameras, too.

The point isn't to wait a month before downloading/digitizing the photos; that can also be an invigorating process and gets back to the recency bias and excitement of something new. So instead I'll just download/develop the photos whenever, go through them here and there, and then eventually consider which ones to show here or on Glass, if any.

When I'm bored of them, but like one or two anyway, that's how I'll know which ones are good.

A side effect of bringing in this change is that I have nothing new to show, but conversely, having my office set up again for the first time since the summer was an excuse to go through the old drives and pull forward some favourites. I've been posting them to Glass – glass.photo/matthewpiers which I've really been enjoying.

Looking through my older archives has been another lesson in how time and distance can change how I see my photos, and one that I might continue with as well. I'm also astonished at how over-represented my Ricoh GRDiv and Sigma Merrill cameras are in those favourites.

Maybe they anticipated my current interest, which is monochrome with various levels of regard for fine detail, or maybe that small-camera esprit had something going for it.

Years from now, will I see that same appeal in what I'm doing with pinhole and infrared?