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Here's what I want in a camera:

- Superb optical and sensor quality at base iso, for printed images at least 16” wide without fault.

- Straightforward and customizable controls, a clear design concept, and a transparent shooting experience.

- Clear and accurate shooting information with reliable automation.

- Big enough to hold securely but small enough to carry constantly.

- Unthreatening and very quiet, both audibly and visually.

- A pleasure to use under diverse conditions.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I like to use cameras, making lists of tasks and features, ranking items, and then throwing them out. The technical details have never been the important part of photography. Accordingly this is a list of personal preferences rather than strict requirements; some are aspirational, others are negotiable, and they're all subjective. Yet these few words explain every camera preference that matters to me.

More on that, naturally, elsewhere.