A quiet afternoon on Wildgoose Lake, outside of Geraldton, Ontario.

Video run time is just one and a half minutes, or you can see it on Vimeo

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A summer afternoon on a northern Ontario lake. There's not much better than that.

This is Wildgoose Lake, where the family of my favourite person had a cottage when she was growing up. This was my chance to see where she's from, experience what was influential in her life, and even meet some old friends who are still living on its shores.

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These photos are all taken with an infrared camera, which makes water dark and skies far more dramatic. In fact it was mostly a nice sunny day, cool and with a bit of wind across the water to kick up some action in the waves. In a rare act of foresight I had picked up a new rain shell before the trip, and it proved its worth on this afternoon.

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My audio recorder didn't accompany me out on the boat, but then recording motor noises isn't something I really need to go up north for. Instead I slept for just four hours that night, giving me ample time to photograph and record before anyone else was awake.

The sound in this track is from two positions: the first is under the trees near the boat, which was creaking and moving as the waves met it on the pebble beach, and another is from a partially submerged wooden dock, which had the waves washing over it. While neither is ever playing alone, you'll hear the emphasis gradually shift about half-way through the short slideshow.