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Matthew is somewhat shy about being in front of a camera, has an extensive collection of weathered bricks, and almost never refers to himself in the third person. And these are just a few of the reasons why he makes an excellent instructor for all of your learning-photography needs.

Seventeen years ago, give or take, I took a fancy new digital camera on a very photogenic vacation. There were lots of beautiful places far from home – that little camera and I were inseparable. And none of the photos looked anything like the way it had been when I was there. 

So that's how it all began. I realized that the camera didn't see the same way I do, and the pursuit of photography became an exploration of the different ways that the camera and I understand the world. I read everything I could find, took a half-dozen night courses at the local college, joined a camera club or two, and continued to learn from lots more photos with my increasing array of cameras. 

Ten years ago, give or take, I started working behind the counter in a camera store. Since then I've been lucky enough to spend my days talking cameras and photography with people from all sorts of backgrounds and experience levels, with the chance to use nearly every advanced camera from the past decade. I've learned that, as fun as it is, the gear doesn't really matter – and I've learned that talking to interested and enthusiastic people who are learning about photography is one of my very favourite things.

Today I live at the intersection of two of Toronto's great streets, Spadina and Bloor, within easy reach of some amazing places that I love to show off. I had to turn down a job with a local bus tour company many years ago, but my enthusiasm for the city is something that carries over into everything I do, especially my photography.

You'll definitely see that, and maybe a few other quirks of my personality, on my photography blog. There are also some projects that will show a bit more of my longer-form work. And you'll never find a more distilled essence of what I think is important for photographers than my popular list of unsolicited advice.

So, after all that, why should you contact me for a private or small group photography workshop?

Simple. I'm easy to get along with, a good teacher, and will help you make better photographs.