"Okay", the old joke goes, "I have half an hour. Teach me everything you know."

Of course that's not really possible. But give me ninety minutes and we can make a solid start.

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Maybe you've booked a vacation and want to bring home better photos using only your phone. Or maybe you have a nice camera that's not living up to its promise. That's okay. This is a simple course designed for enthusiastic beginners with little to no experience required. 

Taking better photos isn't about what buttons to push or what gear to use. It's about seeing and can be done by anyone. It begins with just a few small changes that will make a big difference. Your photos will be more interesting, more expressive, more like what they're supposed to look like.  

To begin with, try these three simple steps:

• Turn on 'grid view' in your phone or camera and put the most interesting parts of your photo along the lines and at their intersections.

• Don't stop at one photo – take more, and change something for each. Step forward or back, move to the side, use a new angle, put your subject somewhere else in the photo. Explore what you see and play.

• Now that you have lots of photos, share only your best. And before you share them try out a few adjustments. A simple 'auto' tweak and crop can make a big difference.

There's more, of course – there always is. And we can get to that later. For now spending just a couple of hours being coached through some easy basics can make a big difference.


I teach one-on-one and for small groups in engaging and photogenic parts of Toronto. A pleasant morning or afternoon will show you a new way to see and share the world around you. Get in touch to make it happen.