Yes, cameras are just tools, inanimate objects with no will of their own.

That doesn't mean they think like we do.

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Cameras have their own way of doing things. If you're used to film cameras then digital introduces a lot of changes and extra controls. If you're used to a phone then stand-alone cameras have hidden talents and surprising limitations. If you're used to a small camera then a big one might be overwhelming; if your big camera is getting too big, then maybe your new smaller camera is unaccountably frustrating.

I can help.

Think Like a Camera is the buttons-and-dials workshop. It's designed to make you better at using your camera so that you can get on with taking photos that look the way you want them to. We'll learn hands-on and specifically for your camera and your relationship with it, and supported by lots of other help as well. We'll start with an overview to make sure you're comfortable and then expand from there.

For those who really want to give their photography a jump start, combine this with See Like a Camera, the workshop that takes a practical and non-techy look at how all of these controls change your photos.