New. Best. Distinctive. Dominate. Menacing. Power. Attitude. Aggressive. Muscular. Military. Performance. Protection. Elegance. Impressive. Personalize. Premium. Confidence. Efficiency. Economy.

All of this can be yours if you buy the right vehicle. 

Capable. Strong. Safe.

Images and audio were recorded over two days at the auto show this year, and the project also uses many photos of sales brochures gathered at the same time. All of this has been removed from its original context, isolated, and reassembled into a new sequence. Sometimes this adds an element of absurdity to the message, but frequently it was there all along. 

While the themes of the images and audio often follow each other, there's no automatic correlation between brands and the sales presentation. Really, it's irrelevant. All sport-luxury cars make the same claims to status and sex appeal, all of the trucks are the most capable ones available in manly ways, and all of the family cars are so safe that you might as well go ahead and reply to that text. Everything is state of the art, innovative, and uniquely yours.

The 2016 show continues the trope of never placing a car on a surface that resembles pavement, and none of the marketing material shows more than one car on the road at a time. The only exception to this would be the family photos, where an array of vehicles are permitted to be parked in an artful arc. The lure of the open road is strong, even though most of these cars will spend their lives being traffic, and so few of the featured features seem aimed at facilitating the actual problems of driving.

Perhaps that's what's in store for us next year.