The horizon is not a place.

It is a word that we assign to a sensory experience,

the name of the point that we cannot see beyond, unreachable.

Horizon is my third project that explores the effect of movement over time, and like the others, it began from a simple question: “What will it look like when…?” I was standing on the shore of Lake Ontario, watching the movement of the water and the clouds, and staring off into the distance.

My guiding method is to create a structure and then allow chance the space to happen within it. Out of the playful and exploratory phase a format emerged that became the foundation of the series. The photographs themselves, as things, are not important. Recording every image with the same technique and composition brings forward the essence of the water, the sky, and the light. These moments of shifting moods and subtlety, presented without pretense or imposition, can now be seen with nothing in the way.

The photographs for Horizon were recorded from various locations within Toronto’s Humber Bay Park over the course of three months. Between ten to thirty seconds are being captured in each image, allowing the water to smooth away and reveal underlying patterns as it is shaped by the land and the wind. The sky and the light would change as well, often too slowly to be noticed at the time, but sometimes too quickly to be recorded.

And always the horizon itself, that limit of our perception, remains unchanging and unreachable while wind, water, and light perform across it.

The Horizon gallery can be found here.

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