Mechanism II - matthew piers robertson • photography writing creative toronto

"Mechanism" is an ongoing occasional series that I'm exploring. These images are from the second session with it, recorded more than six months after the first, and have a very different character.

Creating these images is more a matter of performance than composition. Nothing in these images exists the way that they're seen here, so my personal influences and attitude directly affect the look of the results. This second session used different techniques and materials, but more importantly I was working through different themes and ideas in my surrounding life.

Although these are not images of things, they're not digital creations, either. Post-processing does include some transformations and cropping, but the largest change is to reverse them from negative to positive, and then to revert the colours back to red-green-blue. After that it's a matter of the massive task of dust-spot removal on images that are over 125 megapixels each.

With two different interpretations of the same process,  and two different sets of images that don't entirely mesh, there are two things that I need to do. The first is to keep going, create more and more different material, and explore more ideas and techniques. The second is to be willing to reimagine and rework the images I've already created. And that's the nice thing about Mechanism: it doesn't need to have a fixed and consistent presentation, locked down into one final form. Instead it will have many finished products, even if they're derived from the same original recording.